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Create Footprints™ is a fundraising program developed by Powered by Professionals (PBP) that enables non-profits to empower and engage volunteers throughout the world to raise money and awareness for their organizations. The program focuses on charity walks, which have tremendous potential to gather donations for important causes without requiring years of fundraising or event-planning experience.

Staci Grodin, founder of Turn the Corner Foundation (TTC), a charity that works to raise awareness and support research for Lyme disease, was quoted as saying, “This is an amazing program and was a no-brainer for our organization to participate in.  We are based out of New York City yet Create Footprints™ gives us the opportunity to mobilize volunteers globally.  In five short weeks of working with Create Footprints™, we are in conversations with people who want to support our mission from New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Canada, California and Maryland.”

“The program empowers volunteers who live far away from a cause they care about to make a tangible contribution,” stated Darren Port, President of Powered by Professionals. “This is an innovative tool for any non-profit to add to its fundraising portfolio. The beauty of Create Footprints™ is that a non-profit can instantly have an international presence without the need to hire additional staff.”

Our program is comprised of an all-inclusive tool kit that has been developed by a team with years of fundraising experience. Create Footprints™ gives you everything you need to execute a successful fundraising, charity walk by putting all the important fundraising tools right in the hands of the volunteers. Step-by-step instructions, forms and innovative ideas are all included in the packet as well as the right to use the Create Footprints™ name and logo. The best part is that a PBP staff member will be there to work with you every step of the way – answering questions and providing support and advice.

Voices Against Brain Cancer’s Create Footprints Walk to Cure Brain Cancer in Washington, D.C.!

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